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What is Baby Buddha Society?

We are a collection of hand drawn digitally created Baby Buddha NFT's that reside on the Cardano Blockchain, created from 150+ unique characteristics and traits! Some traits have been digitalised from hand painted oil art.

How many Baby Buddha's will be minted? How much will they cost?

There will be a total of 2789 Baby Buddha's at 33ADA each.  Entry to the society will be exclusive yet affordable.

When will the mint commence?

Check out the Discord for latest announcements and information.

Do you have any other online platforms?

You can find us on twitter: (7) Baby Buddha Tribe | CNFT 🌎🌳 (@BabyBuddhaCNFT) / Twitter

You can also join our discord group: discord.gg/fTefhvSt

You can check the artists physical art gallery on Instagram: Galeriaartemaria 🇨🇱 (@galeriaartemaria) • Instagram photos and videos

Will the NFT's have any utility?

We are focused on delivering on all the utility plans. Check out our ROAD MAP for all the information on not only digital utility but also physical utility! As we want to create a super interactive & caring community.
Baby Buddha holders will also receive exclusive  discord Roles & privilege's and have access to future free NFT airdrops, merchandise and physical art works from our artist.

How will the launch work?

We are using the single-address approach. When the drop goes live, an address will be announced on our official twitter, discord and on the minting page.
1 NFT = please send 33 ADA only
2 NFT = please send 66 ADA only
3 NFT = please send 99 ADA only
4 NFT = please send 132 ADA only
5 NFT = please send 165 ADA only
a Baby Buddha will then be randomly minted and sent out
1-5 NFT's per transaction. Multiple transactions are allowed
There's a tutorial on how to set up a Cardano wallet in our discord server.

Will there be any future releases?

We are planning to reward holders for their loyalty so hang on to them Buddha's for S2. We will be creating a 3D collection  at some point in Q4 2022.  Along with some other mini series from our Buddhism inspired Artist.

If you have any more question Join the discord for a more in depth look at our project!


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