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My name is Maria Ignacia and I am 27 years old with a passion for many art styles, am originally a oil painter from South America, Chile currently living in the UK. 

I have been experimenting with digital art and decided to put together my own collection. The thing that caught my eye about NFT's was the community side of it all and bringing people together.

I have based this collection on my main inspiration since travelling around Asia... BUDDHISM you can check out my physical Art Gallery on Instagram. 

There is a channel in discord called artists journey where I go into detail about travelling Asia after completing my studies in university. 

Thanks for checking us out!! NAMASTE 


Tribe Chief is our PROJECT MANAGER I approached him when deciding to mint my own NFT collection he is a huge crypto enthusiast with a strong belief in the Cardano Blockchain.

He is helping me with the technical side of the project as i try to stick to the creative side! His other hobbies include, cooking, fishing, Gaming and Art styles from all walks of life!